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John Ham

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Descendants of John Ham


John Ham of Dover, "may have been a nephew of 'Old Ham,' that is, William Ham who came to Richmond Island in 1635 in the ship 'Speedwell.'  John Ham's name first appears in Dover, NH records in 1665.  From that date on he appears constantly, serving on juries, as Constable in 1686, as Surveyor, and as Town Clerk in 1694.  He was a Lieutenant in the Militia.  When his will was made in 1727  he described himself as a 'Yeoman, being Anchand.'  He lived in Charrison Hill."  From the Goss Ancestry, compiled by George H. Smith.


Note:   We trace 2 lines of descent through the sons of John Ham.


Generation No.1

John1 Ham born c. 1640, Dover, NH.  Married 6 May 1668 Mary Heard, daughter of John Heard and Elizabeth Hull.

Mary Heard, born 26 Jan 1649, Dover, NH.  Died 30 Nov. 1706 in Dover, NH.


Children of John Ham and Mary Heard.

i.  Mary Ham, born 2 Oct 1668.  Married 1st 30 June 1686 John Horne.  Married 2nd 27 Aug. 1698 John Waldron.

2. ii.  John Ham, born 1671.  Married 14 Mar 1698, Elizabeth Knight, daughter of Joan Knight.  Died 11 Jan 1754.

iii.  Samuel Ham, born in Dover, Strafford, NH.

iv.  Elizabeth Ham, born 29 Jan. 1675, Dover, NH.  Married Jeremiah Rollins.

2. v.  Joseph Ham, born 3 June 1678, Dover, NH.  Married Aug. 1704 Tamson Meserve.  Killed by indians 28 Sep. 1723.

vi.  Tryphena Ham, born in Dover, NH, married John Tucker.

vii.  Sarah Ham, born in Dover, NH, married Thomas Downes.

viii.  Benjamin Ham, born 1693, Dover, NH.  Married 21 Apr. 1720 Patience Harford.  Died 5 Mar 1781.

ix.  Mercy Ham, born in Dover, NH.  Married Richard Nason.


Generation No.2

Descendancy through John2 (John1) Ham

John2 Ham (John1), born 1671 at Dover, NH.  Married Elizabeth Knight.  Died 11 Jan 1754.

Elizabeth Knight, born c. 1677.  Died 1739


Children of John Ham and Elizabeth Knight

3. i.  John Ham, born 1699, Dover, NH. Married Abigail ? .  Died 1763.

ii.  Ephraim Ham, born 1701, Dover, NH.  Married Anna Wentworth.  Died 1752.

iii.  Elizabeth Ham, born 1703, Dover, NH.  Married Joseph Roberts.  Died 1742.

iv.  Mary Ham, born 1706, Dover, NH.  Married 9 Aug, 1730 to Benjamin Hanson.

v.  Samuel Ham, born 1708, Dover, NH.  Married Lydia ?  .  Died 1739.

vi.  Nathaniel Ham, born 1711, Dover, NH.  Married Deborah ? .  Died 1753.

vii.  Joanna Ham, born 1713, Dover, NH.  Married Ebenezer Jones.  Died 4 May 1745.

viii.  Dodavah Ham, born 1715, Dover, NH.  Died 1742.

ix.  Patience Ham, born 1718, Dover, NH.  Married ? Shackford.


Generation No.3

John3 Ham (John2, John1) born 1699, married Abigail ..  Died 1763.


Children of John and Abigail

i.  Elizabeth Ham, born Sept 1725.  Married 1742 to Jonathan Ham, son of Joseph and Tamson Meserve.

ii.  Abigail Ham

4. iii.  Mary Ham, baptized 9 Aug. 1730, married to Joseph Ham, son of Joseph and Tamson Meserve.  Died 1803.

iv.  John Ham, baptized 22 July 1733.

v.  Ebenezer Ham, baptized 8 Aug 1736.

vi.  Israel Ham, baptized 2 July 1738.

vii.  Paul Ham, baptized 21 Sep 1740.

viii.  Anna Ham, baptized 16 Oct 1748.

ix.  Patience Ham, baptized 6 Jan 1753.


Descendancy through Joseph2 Ham (John1)


Generation No.2

Joseph2 Ham (John1), born 3 June 1678.  Married Tamson Meserve in 1704.  Killed by indians 28 Sept. 1723.


Children of Joseph Ham and Tamson Meserve.

i.  Elizabeth Ham, born 22 Feb. 1705.  Married Benjamin Libby.  Died 17 Aug. 1788.

ii.  Mary Ham, born 28 Dec.  1708, Married Shadrach Hodgdon in 1732.  DIed 19 Mar 1796.

iii.  Tamson Ham, born 17 July 1708, married ? Spinney.

iv.  Abigail Ham, born 15 Mar 1710, married Clement Meserve.

v.  Anna Ham, born 12 Dec 1712, married ?  Young.

vi.  Daniel Ham, born 25 July 1714.  Married Sarah Downes.  Married 2nd Mary ?  .  Died 1805.

3. vii.  Joseph Ham, born 25 Apr 1715.  Married Mary Ham.  Died after 1803.

viii.  Clement Ham, born 16 Dec 1718.  Married Patience ?  .  Died 1748.

ix.  Jonathan Ham, born 8 Jun 1720.  Married in 1742 to Elizabeth Ham.  Died 1793.

x.  James Ham, born 26 Jun 1722.


Generation No.3

Joseph3 Ham (Joseph2, John1), born 25 Apr 1716.  Married Mary Ham.  Died after 1803.


Children of Joseph and Mary

4. i.  Ebenezer Ham, born Aug. 1746.  Married 2 Mar 1772 to Sarah Field.  Died Aug 1790.

ii.  Tamson Ham, born 1748,  married ?  Runnells.

iii.  Anna Ham, born 1750, married ?? Runnells

iv.  John Ham, born 1752.  Killed by Indians when young.

v.  Deborah Ham, born 1754.  Married Joseph Hicks.

vi.  Jonathan Ham, born 1756, married Mary ?? .

vii.  Hannah Ham, born 1758, married ?? Carland.

viii.  Patience Ham, born 1760, married ?? Pinkham.

ix.  Abigail Ham, born 1763, died 1763.

x.  Abigail Ham, born 1764, married ?? Whitehouse.

xi.  James Ham, born 1765, married Esther Copp.

xii.  Dodaveh Ham, born 1771, married Nancy Tufts.


Generation No.4

Ebenezer4 Ham (Joseph3, Joseph2, John1), born 1746 at Dover, NH.  Married 2 Mar 1772 Sarah Field, daughter of Samuel Field and Mary Warren.  Died Aug 1790 at Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine.


Children of Ebenezer and Sarah

5. i.  Anna Ham, born 1774, married William Brooks.  Died 19 Jun 1861.

ii.  James Ham, born 1775, married Nancy Brooks.  Died 4 Feb. 1854

iii.  Israel Ham


The Ham descent continues through the Brooks family.

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