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Richard Kidder

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Descendants of Richard Kidder


Generation No.1

Richard1 Kidder


Child of Richard Kidder

2. i. Richard Kidder born circa 1490.  Died circa 1563.


Generation No.2

Richard2 Kidder (Richard1born circa 1490.  Died circa 1563.  Married Margareta ?? born circa 1494.  Died 1545.


Child of Richard Kidder and Margareta

3. i. John Kidder b. 1520


Generation No.3

John3 Kidder (Richard2, Richard1) born circa 1520.  Died in 1599.  Married Margaret Norman.  Born c. 1532 in England.  Died in 1569.


Child of John Kidder and Margaret Norman

4. i.  John Kidder b. 1561 in England.  Died 1616 in England.


Generation No.4

John4 Kidder (John3, Richard2, Richard1born 1561 in England.  Died 1616 in England.  Married Joan George.  Born circa 1565.  Died 1610.


Child of John Kidder and Joan George

5. i.  James Kidder b. 1595


Generation No.5

James5 Kidder (John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1born 1595 in East Grinstead, Sussex, England.


Child of James Kidder

6. i.  James Kidder (Ensign) b. circa 1621 (1626).


Generation No.6

Ensign James6 Kidder (James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1) born circa 1621 in East Grimstead, England.  Married Anna Moore 1649/50.  Died 16 April 1676 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA.

Anna Moore born circa 1630 in East Grimstead, England.  Died in 1691 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA  Daughter of Francis Moore and Catherine ??


Children of James Kidder and Anna Moore

i.  Hannah Kidder b. 1650, Middlesex Co., MA.  Married 30 Oct 1672 Nathaniel Kettell.  Died 1699.

ii.  Dorothy Kidder b. 29 Jan 1651/2 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.  Married 6 May 1673 Jonathan Hyde in Billerica, MA.  Died 17 Dec 1693 in Newton, Middlesex, MA.

iii.  James Kidder b. 1653 Middlesex.

7. iv.  John Kidder b. 1655 Middlesex.

v.  Thomas Kidder b. 1657 Middlesex.

vi.  Nathaniel Kidder b. 1659 Middlesex.

vii.  Ephraim Kidder b. 1660 Middlesex.

viii.  Stephen Kidder b. 1662 Middlesex.

ix.  Enoch Kidder born 16 Sep 1664 Billerica, Middlesex, MA  Married Hannah Crosby.  Died 1 May 1752 in Billerica, MA.  (Married 2nd Mary Hayward)

x.  Samuel Kidder b. 1665 in Middlesex, MA.  Married Sarah Griggs.  Died in 1724 in Middlesex.

xi.  Sarah Kidder b 1667 in Middlesex.  Died 1717 in Middlesex Co.

xii.  Joseph Kidder b. 1670 Middlesex.  Died 1683  Middlesex Co.


Generation No.7

John7 Kidder (James6, James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1born 1655 Cambridge, MA.  Maarried 3 Sept. 1684 to Lydia Parker.  Died in Chelmsford, MA.

Lydia Parder born  18 Feb 1665/6 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA.  Died May 1742 in Chelmsford.  Daughter of Abraham Parker and Rose Whitlock.


Children of John Kidder and Lydia Parker

8. i.  Joseph Kidder b. 11 Aug 1697.


Generation No.8

Joseph8 Kidder (John7, James6, James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1b. 11 Aug 1697.  Married 8 May 1720.  Hannah Proctor.  Died 15 Apr. 1758 in Chelmsford, MA.

Hannah Proctor b. 3 Oct 1701 in Chelmsford, MA.  Died 1786.  Daughter of Gershom Proctor and Sarah Whitacre.


Children of Joseph Kidder and Hannah Proctor

9. i.  John Kidder  born 3 June 1727.


Generation No.9

John9 Kidder (Joseph8, John7, James6, James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1)  born 3 June 1727 in Sutton, MA.  Married Tryphena Powers.  Died 14 Jan 1810 in Lyndeboro, NH.


Children of John Kidder and Tryphena Powers

10. i.  John Kidder b. 4 Mar 1757.


Generation No.10

John10 Kidder (John9, Joseph8, John7, James6, James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1) b. 4 Mar 1757 in Lyndeboro, NH.  Married Mary Chamberlain.

Mary Chamberlain born 10 May 1756 in Chelmsford, MA.


Children of John Kidder and Mary Chamberlain

11. i.  Rebecca Kidder b. 29 Mar 1784


Generation No.11

Rebecca11 Kidder (John10, John9, Joseph8, John7, James6, James5, John4, John3, Richard2, Richard1b. 29 Mar 1784 in Lyndeboro, NH.  Married Benjamin Tarbell.  Died 6 Aug. 1850 in Hodgedon, ME.


This line is continued through the Tarbell line.

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