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Matthias Smith

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Descendants of Matthias Smith


Generation No.1

Matthias1 Smith married Comfort Carpenter, daughter of Comfort Carpenter and Huldah Hunt.


Child of Matthias Smith and Comfort Carpenter

2. i. Matthias Smith born 30 Aug 1759 died 20 June 1812


Generation No.2

Matthias2 Smith (Matthias1) born 30 Aug 1759 in Connecticut.  Married Temperance Blossom.  Died 20 June 1812.

Temperance Blossom born 15 Oct 1761 in Barnstable, MA.  Died 27 Aug. 1817.  Daughter of Captain James Blossom and Bethia Smith.


Child of Matthias Smith and Temperance Blossom

3. i.  Carpenter Smith


Generation No.3

Carpenter3 Smith (Matthias2, Matthias1) married Reliance Stone.


Child of Carpenter Smith and Reliance Stone.

4. i.  Lucius Smith b. 28 Sept. 1835


Generation No.4

Lucius4 Smith (Carpenter3, Matthias2, Matthias1) born 28 Sept. 1835 in Readfield, ME.  Married Nancy Tobin, 11 Mar 1861.  

Nancy Tobin died 9 June 1879 in Westfield, ME.


Child of Lucius Smith and Nancy Tobin

5. i.  Anna Jordan Smith b. 31 Aug. 1863.


Generation No.5

Anna5 Jordan Smith (Lucius4, Carpenter3, Matthias2, Matthias1) born 31 Aug 1863 in Mars Hill, ME. Married Everett Lincoln Tarbell 14 June 1890.   Died 25 Sept. 1939 in Presque Isle, ME.


This line is continued through the Tarbell line.

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