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George Blake

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Descendants of George Blake


George Blake was undoubtedly the immigrate ancestor, but no information can be found as to whence he came.  He appeared in the Massachusetts Bay Colony with a wife Dorothy. Little is known about him.


Generation No. 1

George1 Blake was born 1611 and died ca.1699. He married Dorothy.


Children of George Blake and Dorohty

2. i. Rebecca Blake b. Feb 1641 d. 8 May 1721, married Robert Ames

ii. Prudence Blake b. 15 Apr 1647 d. 9 Mar 1689, married Moses Tyler 6 July 1666, son of Job Tyler and Mary


Generation No. 2

Rebecca2 Blake (George1) was born Feb 1641 and died 8 May 1721. She married Robert Ames ca.1660.


The Blake line continues through the Ames line.

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