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James Blood

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Descendants of James Blood


James Blood, the immigrant ancestor, came from England in 1638 and settled in Concord, MA. Here he was made a freeman on 2 June 1641.


Generation No. 1

James1 Blood died 17 Dec 1683 in Concord, MA. He married Ellen.

Children of James Blood and Ellen

i. James Blood d. 26 Nov 1692, married Hannah Purchis 26 Oct 1657, daughter of Oliver Purchis.

2. ii. Richard Blood b. 1617 d. 7 Dec 1683, married Isabel.

iii. John Blood d. 30 Oct 1692, unmarried.

iv. Robert Blood d. 27 Oct 1701, married Elizabeth Willard 8 Apr 1653, daughter of Simon Willard.

v. Mary Blood b. 12 July 1640 d. 1674, married Simon Davis 12 Deec 1660, son of Dolor Davis and Margery Willard.


Generation No. 2

Richard2 Blood (James1) was born i 1617 and died 7 Dec 1683 in Groton, MA. He married Isabel.

Children of Richard Blood and Isabel

i. Sara Blood b. spring 1648, married Zachariah Ferris 17 Nov 1673.

3. ii. James Blood d. 13 Sep 1692, married (1) Elizabeth Longley 7 Sep 1669, daughter of William Longley and Joanna.(2) Abigail Kemp 10 Dec 1686, daughter of Samuel Kemp and Sarah.

iii. Nathaniel Blood b. 1650, married Hannah Parker 13 Jun 1670 daughter of James Parker and Elizabeth Long.

iv. Elizabeth Blood

v. Joseph Blood d. after 1692, married Hannaah.

vi. Mary Blood b. 91 Apr 1662

vii. Hannah Blood b. Jan 1664


Generation No. 3

James3 Blood (Richard2, James1) was killed by Indians on 13 Sep 1692. He married (1) Elizabeth Longley 7 Sep 1669, daughter of William Longley and Joanna Goffe and (2) Abigail Kemp 10 Dec 1686 in Watertown, MA.

Children of James Blood and Elizabeth Longley

i. Richard Blood b. 29 May 1670 d. 8 Jul 1670

ii. Mary Blood b. 1 Sep 1672 d. 4 Mar 1756, married John Shattuck, son of John Shattuck and Ruth Whitney.

4. iii. Elizabeth Blood b. 27 Apr 1675 d. 20 Oct 1759, married Samuel Shattuck, son of John Shattuck and Ruth Whitney.

iv. Hannah Blood d. 6 Jan 1676

Children of James Blood and Abigail Kemp

v. James Blood b. 12 Aug 1687 d. after 1752, married Catherine.

vi. John Blood b. 16 Mar 1689 d. 23 Aug 1758, married Joanna Nutting 13 Jul 1712, daughter of James Nutting and Lydia Longley.

vii. Martha Blood b. 20 Oct 1692


The Blood line continues through the Shattuck line.

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