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Brooks of Scituate, MA

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William Brooks of Scituate, MA


William Brooks, immigrant ancestor, came from England in 1635 on the ship "Blessing."  He settled in Scituate, MA.


Generation No. 1

Willaim1 Brooks was born 1615 in England. He married Susanna ca. 1644 in Scituate, MA.


Children of William Brooks and Susanna

i. Hannah Brooks b. (bpt) 14 sep 1645

ii. Nathaniel Brooks b. (bpt) 29 Mar 1646, married Elizabeth Curtis 1678, daughter of Richard Curtis and Ann Hallett.

iii. Mary Brooks b. (bpt) 28 Nov 1647

iv. Sarah Brooks b. (bpt) 26 May 1650, married Joseph Studley.

2. v. Miriam Brooks b. (bpt) 6 Jun 1652, married John Curtis 4 Apr 1678, son of Richard Curtis and Ann Hallett.

vi. Deborah Brooks b. 1654, married Robert Stetson, son of Robert Stetson and Mary.

vii. Thomas Brooks b. 1657, married Hannah Bisbee 6 Jun 1687, daughter of Elisha Bisbee and Hannah.

viii. Joanna Brooks b. (bpt) 16 Oct 1659 d. 31 Aug 1726, married John Bisbee 13 Sep 1687, son of Elisha Bisbee and Hannah.


This Brooks line continues through the Curtis line.

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