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Darby Field

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Descendants of Darby Field


Darby Field, immigrant ancestor, son of John Field who married 13 Aug. 1609 Ellen Hutchinson, came from Boston, England to Boston, Massachusetts, where he first appears in 1636. In 1637 he was of Marblehead; in 1639 at Oyster River. In this year (1639) he signed the Exeter Combination. A man of great activity, he was involved widely in affairs of the period. As early as 1638 he had learned the Indian language and was serving as interpreter. He was the first white man to ascend the White Mountains. During his later years he became insane. (George H. Smith, Goss Ancestry)


Generation No. 1

Darby1 Field was born ca. 1610 in Boston, England and died 1649 in Dover, MH. He married Agnes.


Children of Darby Field and Agnes

i. Mary Field b. ca. 1631 d. 6 Jul 1698 in Oyster River,NH, married John Woodman 15 Jul 1656 in Newbury, son of Edward Woodman and Joanna.

ii. Joseph Field b. ca. 1639 d. (estate admr. 17 Nov 1690),married Mary Goddard, daughter of John Goddard and Welthan.

iii. Elizabeth Field d. 10 Mar 1706, married Stephen Jones 28 Jan 1664.

2. iv. Zachariah Field b. 1645 d. between 1709 & 1716, married Sarah Roberts ca. 1677, daughter of John Roberts and Abigail Nutter.

v. Sarah Field, married John Drew ca. 1675, son of William Drew and Elizabeth Matthews.


Generation No. 2

Zachariah2 Field (Darby1) was born 1645 in Oyster River, NH and died between 1709 & 1716. He married Sarah Roberts ca. 1650, daughter of John Roberts and Abigail Nutter.


Children of Zachariah Field and Abigail Nutter

i. Dorcas Field married John Bunker, son of James Bunker and Sarah Nute.

3. ii. Stephen Field d. after 1716

iii. Abigial Field d. 14 Feb 1705, married Daniel Jacobs 24 Oct 1697

iv. Zachariah Field b. 30 Jan 1686 d. estate admr. 6 May 1727, married Hannah Evans 12 Jun 1710, daughter of Robert Evans and Ann Thompson.

v. John Field married Sarah Drew 16 Jan 1707, daughter of John Drew and Sarah Field.

vi Mary Field married Solomon Pinkham 13 Dec 1706, son of John Pinkham and Martha Otis.

vii. Daniel Field b. 9 Aug 1690 d. (accidentally shot by John Waldron on 23 Apr 1708)


Generation No. 3

Stephen3 Field ( died sometime after 1716. He married but to who we don't know at this time.


Children of Stephen Field and ?????

4. i. Stephen Field married Mary King 10 Jun 1717, daughter of Richard King and Mary Lyndston.


Generation No. 4

Stephen4 Field (Stephen3, Zachariah2, Darby1) was born in Oyster River, NH. He married Mary King 10 Jun 1717, daughter of Richard King and Mary Lynston.


Children of Stephen Field and Mary King

i. Joseph Field b. 13 May 1718, married Abigail Pillsbury 29 Oct 1745.

ii. Mary Field b. 14 Sep 1720, married Moses Hanscom (int. publ.) 2 Aug 1740, son of Thomas Hanscom and Tamsen Gowell.

iii. Stephen Field b. 16 Oct 1722, married Jane Lary, daughter of Samuel Lary and Angess Bickford.

5. iv. Samuel Field b. ca. 1725, married Mary Warren.


Generation No. 5

Samuel5 Field (Stephen4, Stephen3, Zachariah2, Darby1) was born ca. 1725 and died in North Yarmouth, ME. He married Mary Warren.


Children of Samuel Field and Mary Warren

i. Joseph Field  b. 1749 d. 27 Mar 1815, married Eunice Hill 21 Oct 1773

ii. James Field b. 6 Apr 1753 d. 9 Feb 1830, married Abigail True Aug 1775, daughter of Jonathan True and Ann Stevens.

6. iii. Sarah Field married Ebenezer Ham 2 Mar 1772, son of Joseph Ham and Mary Ham.

iv. Samuel Field d. in Topsham, ME.

v. Daughter married ???? Seaton

vi. Daughter married ???? Warren


The Field line continues through the Ham line.

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