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Thomas Hyland

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Descendants of Thomas Hyland


Thomas Hyland, immigrant ancestor, son of Thomas and Agnes (Woodman) Hyland, was born in Waldron, Sussex County, England. From Tenterden, England he came to New England, where he appears as a proprietor of Scituate, Massachusetts in 1637. Here he took the Oath of Allegiance and was admitted freeman 1 Feb. 1639. At various times he held several town offices. (George H. Smith, Goss Ancestry)


Generation No.1

Thomas1 Hyland was born 23 Apr 1604 in Waldron, Sussex, England and died between 14 Feb and 3 May 1683 in Scituate, MA. He married (1) 1662 Deborah, (2) Elizabeth.


Children of Thomas

i. Thomas Hyland b. bpt. 15 Nov 1629, married Elizabeth Stockbridge, 1 Jan 1661 daughter of John and Elizabeth.

ii. Deborah Hyland d. 1693, married William Ticknor, 1666

iii. Samuel Hyland d. 1676 (killed in King Phillip's war)

iv. Mary Hyland married John Bryant, 1664

v. Ruth Hyland

2. vi. Sarah Hyland married Thomas Turner, 6 Jan 1652 son of Humphrey Turner and Lydia Gamer.

vii. Elizabeth Hyland d. after 1688, married Francis James before, 1660 son of Phillip James and Jane Davenport.


The Hyland line continues through the Turner line.

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