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William Towne

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Descendants of William Towne


Generation No. 1

William Towne, born 18 Mar 1598/9 in England.  Married Joanna Blessing 25 Mar 1620 in St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, England.  Died 30 Apr 1685 in Topsfield, Essex, MA.

Joanna Blessing born 1594/5 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.  Died c. 1682 in Topsfield, Essex, MA.


Children of William and Joanna

2. i. Rebecca Towne, born c. 1621 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.  Married Francis Nurse c 1640 in MA.  Hung for witchcraft in Salem Village, Essex, MA 19 July 1692.

ii. John Towne

iii. Susannah Towne

iv. Edmund Towne

v. Sarah Towne, married 1st Peter Cloyes.  Married 2nd Edmund Bridge.  Died in 1703.  During the Salem witchcraft hysteria Sarah Cloyes was accused of witchcraft and jailed.  She was eventually released.

vi. Jacob Towne born 1631/2 in Great Yarmouth, England.  Married Catherine Symonds 26 June 1657 in Topsfield, MA.  Died 27 Nov. 1704.

vii. Mary Towne born 1634 in Great Yarmouth, England.  Married Isaac Eastey 1655 in Topsfield, MA.  Hung for witchcraft 22 Sep 1692 in Salem Village, Essex, MA.

viii. Joseph Towne born 1638 in Topsfield, MA.  Married Phebe Perkins 1665 in Topsfield, MA.  Died in Topsfield 1713.


The Towne line continues through the Nurse family.

Note:  For an excellent book on the Salem witchcraft trials, please read "A Delusion of Satan" by Frances Hill.  This book gives a factual representation of the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

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