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Francis Vinson

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Descendants of Francis Vinson


Generation No. 1

Francis1 Vinson married Sarah Paulet.

Sarah Paulet, daughter of Sir Francis Paulet was a maid-of-honor to Queen Anne of England.  She emigrated to the New World with her son William.


Child of Francis Vinson and Sarah Paulet

2. i.  William Vinson


Generation No. 2

William2 Vinson  (Francis(Francis1) born c. 1610 in England.  Died 17 Oct. 1690 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.  Married 1st Sarah ??.  Married 2nd Rachel Varney.

Sarah ?? (1st wife of William Vinson) died 4 Feb. 1661 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

Rachel Varney (2nd wife of Wm. Vinson) Died 15 Feb. 1707.  Daughter of William Varney and Bridget Knight.  She was divorced from her first husband, Joseph Langdon, 22 May 1661.


Children of William Vinson and Sarah

3. i.  Sarah Vinson b. c. 1640

ii.  Hannah Vinson b. c. 1642.  Died 24 Dec. 1675.  Married William Ellery 8 Oct. 1675.

iii.  Elizabeth Vinson b. 16 May 1644.  Married James Gardner 16 June 1661.

iv.  John Vinson b. 15 May 1648.

v.  Richard Vinson b. ?? d. 24 July 1652.

vi.  William Vinson b. 9 Sept. 1651.  Died 9 Dec. 1675.

vii.  Jacob Vinson bpt. 11 Apr. 1658.

viii.  Richard Vinson b. 1 Sept. 1658.  died 26 Dec. 1675.


Children of William Vinson and Rachel Varney

ix.  Thomas Vinson b. 1 Apr. 1662.  Died 31 Dec. 1675

x.  Abigail Vinson b. 28 May 1668.  Died 17 Sept. 1690.  Married Jacob Elwell 5 July 1686.


Generation No. 3

Sarah3 Vinson (William2, Francis1) born c. 1640.   Died 12 Jan. 1708.  Married Jeffrey Parsons 11 Nov. 1657.


This line is continued through the Parsons line.

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