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Nathaniel Wallis

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Descendants of Nathaniel Wallis


Generation No. 1

Nathaniel1 Wallis  married Margaret ??.   


Child of Nathaniel Wallis and Margaret

2. i.  John Wallis b. circa 1636.


Generation No. 2

John2 Wallis (Nathaniel1) born circa 1636, Cornwall, England.  Married Mary Shephard.  Died 23 Sept. 1690, Gloucester, MA.

Mary Shepard born 1639/40, Cornwall, England.  Died Sept. 1690.


Children of John Wallis and Mary Shepard

3. i.  Dorcas Wallis born c. 1658

3. ii.  John Wallis born c. 1668.


Generation No. 3

Dorcas3 Wallis (John2, Nathaniel1) born c. 1658, Falmouth, ME.  Married John Lane.  Died 9 Feb. 1751.

This line continues through the Lane line.


John3 Wallis (John2, Nathaniel1) born c. 1636, Cornwall, England.  Married Mary Shepard.  Died 23 Sept. 1690, Gloucester, MA.

Mary Shepard born 1639/40 Cornwall, England.  Died Sept 1690, Gloucester, MA.


Child of John Wallis and Mary Shepard

4. i.  James Wallis b. 1668.


Generation No. 4

James4 Wallis (John3, John2, Nathaniel1) born 1668, Blackpoint, ME.  Married Martha Stanford, 1685.  Died 1724.

Martha Stanford daughter of Robert Stanford and Mary (Williamson?).


Child of James Wallis and Martha Stanford

5. i.  Martha Wallis, b. 26 Sept. 1703.


Generation No. 5

 Martha5 Wallis (James4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1) born 26 Sept. 1703.  Married Caleb Tarr, 5 Dec. 1724.   


This line is continued through the Tarr line.

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