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Robert Whitney

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Descendants of Robert Whitney


Generation No. 1

Sir Robert1 Whitney    Lived circa 1500.  Married Sybil Baskerville.  


Child of Robert Whitney and Sybil Baskerville

2. i. Robert Whitney


Generation No. 2

Sir Robert2 Whitney (Robert1).  Married Elizabeth Guillims.


Child of Robert Whitney and Elizabeth Guillims

3. i. Thomas Whitney Born 1562, Died 1583


Generation No. 3

Thomas3 Whitney (Robert2, Robert1), born 1562, Herefordshire, England.  Married Mary Bray (Brayd) 12 May 1583 in London, England.  Died 14 April 1637, London, England (St. Margaret's, Westminster).

Mary Bray born 1565 in England.  Died 25 Sept. 1629, London England.  Daughter of John Bray.


Child of Thomas Whitney and Mary Bray

4. i.  John Whitney, bpt. 20 Jul 1592.


Generation No. 4

 John4 Whitney (Thomas3, Robert2, Robert1) baptized 20 July 1592, Westminster, England.  Married Elinor ?? 1613.  Died 1 Jun 1673, Watertown, MA.

Elinor ?? born 1599 in England.  Died 11 May 1659 (1689?), Watertown, MA


Child of John Whitney and Elinor

5. i.  John Whitney, bpt. 14 Sept. 1621.


Generation No. 5

John5 Whitney (John4, Thomas3, Robert2, Robert1) baptized 14 Sept. 1621, Isleworth, England.  Married Ruth Reynolds 1642.  Died 12 Oct. 1692.

Ruth Reynolds, daughter of Robert Reynolds and Mary ??.


Child of John Whitney and Ruth Reynolds

6. i.  Ruth Whitney, b. 15 Apr. 1645


Generation No. 6

Ruth6 Whitney, (John5,  John4, Thomas3, Robert2, Robert1) born 15 Apr. 1645.  Married John Shattuck 20 June 1664.

This line is continued through the Shattuck line.

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