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Peter Blossom

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Descendants of Peter Blossom


Generation No. 1

Peter1 Blossom  of Great Sheford, Cambridgeshire, England


Child of Peter

2. i. Thomas Blossom was born circa 1580 in Leyden, Holland.  Married Anna Heilson (Elsdon).  Died c. 1632/33.


Generation No. 2

Thomas2 Blossom (Peter1) (Deacon) born circa 1580 in Leyden, Holland.  Married Anna Heilson (Elsdon).  Died c. 1632/33.  Came to America on the second sailing of the Mayflower (no documentation thus far)

Child of Thomas and Anna

3. i.  Peter Blossom b. before 1627


Generation No. 3

Peter3 Blossom (Thomas2, Peter1) born before 1627 in Leyden, Holland.  Married 21 June 1663 to Sarah Bodfish in Barnstable, MA.  Died 5 Oct. 1709 in West Barnstable, MA.

Sarah Bodfish born in Barnstable, MA.  Daughter of Robert Bodfish and Bridget ??.

Children of Peter and Sarah

4. i.  Joseph Blossom b. 10 Dec 1673


Generation No. 4

 Joseph4 Blossom (Peter3,Thomas2, Peter1)  born 10 Dec. 1673 in Barnstable, MA.  Married 17 June 1696 to Mary Pynchon.  Died 1749.  

Mary Pynchon died 6 Apr. 1706 in Barnstable, MA.

Child of Joseph Blossom and Mary Pynchon

5. i.  Joseph Blossom b. 14 Mar. 1704


Generation No. 5

 Joseph5 Blossom (Joseph4, Peter3, Thomas2, Peter1)  born 14 Mar 1704 in Barnstable, MA.  Married Temperance Fuller 30 Mar 1727.

Temperance Fuller was born 7 Mar 1702 in Barnstable, MA.  Daughter of Benjamin Fuller and Susannah Ballard.

Children of Joseph Blossom and Temperance Fuller

5. i.  James Blossom (Captain) b. 9 Feb. 1731


Generation No. 6

James6 Blossom (Joseph5, Joseph4, Peter3, Thomas2, Peter1) (Captain).  Born 9 Feb. 1731 in Barnstable, MA.  Married 19 Jan 1758 to Bethia Smith.

Child of James Blossom and Bethia Smith

i.  Temperance Blossom b. 15 Oct. 1761


Generation No. 7

Temperance7 Blossom (James6, Joseph5, Joseph4, Peter3, Thomas2, Peter1) born15 Oct 1761 in Barnstable, MA.  Married Matthias Smith II.  Died 27 Aug. 1817.


This line is continued through the Smith line.

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