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Christopher Jose

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Descendants of Christopher Jose


Chrisopher Jose was at the Isles of Shoals by 1651.   He was a fisherman, mariner, and merchant.

Christopher Jose married Jane Cummings (daughter of Richard and Jane ?)


Children of Christopher and Jane

i.  Richard Jose, born 10 Nov 1660, married 16 Oct 1683 Hannah Martyn.  Died 24 Sept. 1707 in Portsmouth, NH.

ii   Thomas Jose, b 27 June 1662.

iii  Joanna Jose, born13 Mar 1664/5, Married 10 Oct 1680 Capt. Philip Severet.  Died 10 Jan 1690/1 of smallpox.

iv.  Margaret Jose, born 10 Oct 1666.  Married Capt. William White.  Died 31 Jan 1690/1 of smallpox.

v.  John Jose, born 27 may 1668.  Mararied  after 19 Jan 1690/1 Mrs. Esther (Waldron) Lee.  Died c. 1693-94 in Barbadoes (He was a mariner.)

vi.  Jane Jose, born 18 July 1670.  Married Richard Gerrish.  Died c. 1718/19.

vii.  Samuel Jose, born 6 May 1672.  Died 1690 in France.

viii.  Mary Jose, born 8 July 1674.  Married 1st 5 jan 1692/3 Ichabod Plaisted and 2nd after 1 Feb 1715/6 John Brown of Salem.


Richard Jose was a merchant.  He served as a selectman of Portsmouth in 1689, 1690 and 1691.  He was a representative in 1696.  He was High Sheriff from 1692 to 1707 except when replaced from Jan. to July 1699 by William Ardell because of illness.  He died at about age 48 of "Gout and Dropsie."

In court proceedings held 25 June 1678, at age 17 "Richard Jose is adjudged ye reputed father of ye child [of Joan Knight] and is ordered to pay 2s 6d money week from the time of ye birth of ye child to sd Joan Knight untill this Court takes further order."

Richard Jose never married Joan Knight.


Child of Richard Jose and Joan Knight

i.  Elizabeth Knight born c 1677/8.  Married 14 mar 1697/8 John Ham.  (See the Ham page for continuation of this line.)


Richard Jose married 16 Oct 1683 Hannah Martyn.

Children of Richard Jose and Hannah Martyn

i.  Richard Jose, born 26 July 1684, died 10 Jan 1685

ii.  Joanna Jose, born 17 Nov 1685, married 1 June 1709 John Pray.

iii.   Thomas Jose, born 23 July 1689, died before 18 mar 1722/3.

iv.   Hannah Jose, born 20 July 1689, married Joseph Hilton.

v.   Jane Jose, born 13 Oct 1691, married Edward Cate.

vi   Mary Jose, born 20 Jan 1694/5, married John Roberts.

vii.  Richard Jose, born 17 Oct 1696.  Married 16 mar 1718/9 Damaris Dennis.  Died before 10 June 1734.

viii.   Martyn Jose, born 28 Dec 1700.  Married 1 April 1725 to Mercy Dearborn.

ix.  Margaret Jose, born circa 1702. 

x.  Sarah Jose, born 20 Apr. 1704, married Joshua Brewster.

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