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Joan Knight

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Descendants of Joan Knight


Joan Knight was a servant in the home of Christopher Jose in 1676.  She witnessed the will of Richard Cummings in 1678 and a bond of George Jaffrey in 1688, which she swore to in Portsmouth in 1715.

In court proceedings held in Dover on 25 June 1678 "Joan Knight appearing, beofre this court confessed herselfe guiltie of ffornication and presenting her child, Richard Jose being also present, she made oath that said Richard Jose and no other was the father of said Bastard child, is sentenced to pay a fine of foure pownd or suffer 10 stripes."

Also during the proceedings "Richard Jose is adjudged ye reputed father of ye child and is ordered to pay 2s 6d money week from the time of ye birth of ye child to sd Joan Knight untill this Court take further order."

"John Knight petitioning this Court to take of part of his sister Joan Knight's fine of 4 pounds the court takes of 40s so she is to pay 40s and ffees of 2s6."

There is currently no information available on the parents of Joan Knight and her brother John (John was born about 1654).


child of Joan Knight

Elizabeth Knight born c 1677/78.  Married John Ham.  Died 1739.

The Knight line continues throught the Ham family.

Note:  While some information is known about the Jose family, Richard Jose and Joan Knight never married.

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