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Thomas Tarbell

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Descendants of Thomas Tarbell


Generation No.1

Thomas1 Tarbell, the ancestor of all the early Tarbell families of New England, settled in Watertown as early as 1647, at which time he is mentioned on the town records as owning land. March 30, 1663, he and wife Mary, sold his house and land there, and removed to Groton, where she died April 29, 1674, aged 54 years. The family retired from Groton to Charlestown at the destruction of the former town during King Philip's War, and there he married second, Aug. 15, 1674, Susanna, widow of John Lawrence, and died of the small pox, June 11, 1678. Administration upon his estate was granted to his son, John, August 17, 1678. (Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants, Communicated by Charles Henry Wight, New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 61, p. 70)


1. Thomas Tarbell was born ca. 1620 and died 11 jun 1678 in Charlestown, MA. He married (1) Mary before 30 Mar 1663 and (2) Susanna 15 Aug 1676 (widow of John Lawrence).


Children of Thomas Tarbell and Mary

i. Thomas Tarbell d. 27 Apr 1678 of Small Pox in Charleston, MA

ii. Mary Tarbell d. 26 Apr 1676

iii. Sarah Tarbell b. ca.1648 d. 1715 in Salem, MA

iv. Abigail Tarbell d. after 1719

2. v. John Tarbell b. ca.1654 d. 25 Mar 1715 in Salem Village, MA

vi. Elizabeth Tarbell b. 5 Jan 1656-7 d. 25 Jul 1684

vii. William Tarbell b. 26 Feb 1658-9 d. ca.1681

viii. Martha Tarbell



Generation No.2

John2 Tarbell (Thomas1) was probably born at Watertown about 1654, although there is no record of his birth. He married at Salem, Oct. 25, 1678, Mary Nurse, daughter of Francis and that unfortunate Rebecca Nurse who was hanged for witchcraft in 1692. They lived at Salem Village, now Danvers, in which parish the Salem Witchcraft delusion first appeared. As a result of the persecutions, John Tarbell and his wife and a few others, mostly relatives of the accused, withdrew from communion and attendance at the Salem Village church. This was the beginning of the remonstrance of the people against Rev. Samuel Parris as their minister, which resulted in his dismissal from that church in 1697. In this movement, John Tarbell bore a prominent part.

Before his marriage, and while living in Charlestown, John enlisted as a soldier in King Philip's War. For his services, his heirs, represented by his son, Cornelius, received in 1728 a grant of land in Narragansett No.3, now Amherst, NH. John2 was style "Ensign." He died at Salem Village, Mar. 25, 1715, in his 62nd year. His will, made two days before his death, names his wife Mary and all of his children, his three daughters being then unmarried; also he left a small sum to Mary, wife of James Smith. Her maiden name being Tarbell, she may have been his niece, daughter of Thomas2 Tarbell, although no relationship is expressed in the will. Mary, widow of John, lived to a good old age, and died June 28, 1749, in her 90th year. (Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants, Communicated by Charles Henry Wight, New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 61, p.71)


2. John Tarbell was born ca. 1654 and died 25 Mar 1715 in Salem Village, MA. He married Mary Nurse 25 Oct 1678.


Children of John Tarbell and Mary Nurse

3. i. John Tarbell b.9 Aug 1680

ii. Mary Tarbell b. 3 Apr 1688

iii. Cornelius Tarbell b. 25 Mar 1690

iv. Jonathan Tarbell b. 21 Feb 1691 d. between 18 May 1715 and 18 Jun 1718

v. Elizabeth Tarbell b. 22 Mar 1693-4 d. 29 May 1752 in Bedford, MA

iv. Sarah Tarbell b. 2 Oct 1696 d. 12 Apr 1767 in Bedford, MA



Generation No.3

John3 Tarbell (John2, Thomas1) married at Salem, August 21, 1705, Hannah, daughter of John Flint. He lived at Salem Village until about 1727, when he removed with his family to Billerica. On Sept. 6, 1754, John made his will, "Being in about the Seventy fifth year of my age," naming his wife Hannah, eldest son William, sons John, Thomas, David, Jonathan, daughters Anna Parker, Elizabeth Horsley and Mary Marshall. According to the Billerica town records, "Mr John Tarbell Departed this life Decr 14, 1779. Aged 94 years and eight months." (Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants, Communicated by Charles Henry Wight, New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 61, p. 72)


3. John Tarbell was born 9 Aug 1680 and died 5 Feb 1757. He married Hannah Flint 21 Aug 1705, daughter of John Flint.


Children of John Tarbell and Hannah Flint

4. i. William Tarbell b. 3 Sep

ii. John Tarbell b. 28 Jul

iii. Thomas Tarbell b. 5 Aug

iv. Hannah Tarbell still born 19 Jun 1714

v. Anna Tarbell b. 20 Apr

vi. Elizabeth Tarbell b.27 Aug d. 31 Mar 1779

vii. Mary Tarbell b. 2 Feb d.7 Jul 1770

viii. Jonathan Tarbell b.15 Sep 1726

ix. David Tarbell b. 15 Sep 1726



Generation No.4

William4 Tarbell ( married (1) at Billerica, Feb. 19, 1735-6, Ruth, daughter of Thomas and Abigail Richardson, born Feb. 9, 1712-13, who died Oct. 14, 1764; married (2) Oct. 31, 1765, Elizabeth (Walker) Walker, widow of Joseph Walker of Billerica, and daughter of Isaac and Margery (Bruce) Walker of Woburn. She was living in 1790. He resided at Billerica. His will, dated Apr. 17, 1790, presented for probate Feb. 7, 1800, between which dates he died, names his wife, Elizabeth, daughters Abigail Walker and Hannah Tarbell, and son William. (Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants, Communicated by Charles Henry Wight, New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 61, p. 165)


4. William Tarbell was born 3 Sep. He married Ruth Richardson 19 Feb 1735/36, daughter of Thomas Richardson and Abigail.


Children of William Tarbell and Ruth Richardson

i. William Tarbell b. 26 May 1736 d.22 Mar 1748

ii. John Tarbell b. 19 Nov 1738

iii. Ruth Tarbell b. 25 Jun 1739 d. 16 Mar 1748

iv. Abigail Tarbell b. 23 Apr 1741

v. Hannah Tarbell b. 23 May 1743

vi. Sarah Tarbell b. 15 Feb 1744/45 d. 21 Mar 1748

vii. Thomas Tarbell b. 1 Oct 1746 d. 8 Mar 1748

5. viii. Willaim Tarbell b. 3 Oct 1752



Generation No.5

William5 Tarbell (William4, John3, John2, Thomas1) married at Billerica, Mar. 21, 1776, Elizabeth French, born Mar. 5, 1747-8, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Barron) French. They lived at Billerica until about 1805, when they removed to Temple, NH. (Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants, Communicated by Charles Henry Wight, New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 61, p. 171)


Children of William Tarbell and Elizabeth French

i. William Tarbell b. 3 Feb 1777

6. ii. Benjamin Tarbell b. 2 Oct 1778

iii. Elizabeth Tarbell b. 9 Nov 1780

iv. Samuel Tarbell b. 31 Oct 1782

v. Ruth Tarbell b. 12 Apr 1786 d. 16 May 1787

vi. Sarah Tarbell b. 27 Jan 1790

vii. Ira Tarbell b. 9 Aug 1799


Generation No.6

6. Benjamin6 Tarbell (William5, William4, John3, John2, Thomas1) was born 2 Oct 1778 in Billerica, MA, and died 7 Apr 1869. He married Rebecca Kidder daughter of John Kidder and Mary Chamberlain.


Children of Benjamin Tarbell and Rebecca Kidder

7. i. Charles Tarbell b. 15 Sep 1829 d. 1 Apr 1914


Generation No.7

7. Charles7 Tarbell (Benjamin6, William5, William4, John3, John2, Thomas1) was born 15 Sep 1829 in Solon, ME, and died 1 Apr 1914 in Yankton, OR. He married Nancy D. Robertson 21 Apr 1852.


Children of Charles Tarbell and Nancy Robertson

i. George Lawrence Tarbell b. 26 May 1854 d. 28 January 1910

ii. Alice Robertson Tarbell b. 1 May 1859 d. 3 August 1932

8. iii. Everett Lincoln Tarbell b. 8 Aug 1864 d. 5 Sep 1915

iv. Albert Harriman Tarbell b. 25 April 1868 d. 10 December 1952


Generation No.8

8. Everett8 Lincoln Tarbell (Charles7, Benjamin6, William5, William4, John3, John2, Thomas1) was born 8 Aug 1864 in Solon, ME, and died 5 Sep 1915 in Presque Isle, ME. He married Anna Jordan Smith.


Children of Everett Tarbell and Anna Smith

i. Charles Lucius Tarbell b. 14 January 1892 d. 7 May 1974

ii. Linton Elwood Tarbell b. 26 Febuary1893 d. 2 March 1962

iii. Maurice Elbert Tarbell b.10 October1895 d. 12 May 1972

iv. Karl Kenneth Tarbell b. 14 December 1897 d. 18 June 1967

v. Nancy Phyllis Tarbell b. 20 Febuary 1898  d. 1981

vi. Mildred Althea Tarbell b. 10 January 1899 d. 24 September 1899

9. vii. Willard Stevens Tarbell b. 27 Mar 1902 d. 26 Jan 1963

viii. Laura Alice Tarbell b. 26 October 1904 d. 19 March 1977

ix. Marvin Levi Tarbell b. 13 July 1906 d. 14 January 1994


Generation No.9

Willard9 Stevens Tarbell (Everett8, Charles7, Benjamin6, William5, William4, John3, John2, Thomas1) was born 27 Mar 1902 in Mapleton, ME, and died 26 Jan 1963 in Pittsfield, MA. He married Catherine Elizabeth Goss 14 Jan 1924, daughter of John Burgess Goss and Alice May Bubier Wyman.


Children of Willard Tarbell and Catherine Goss are still living at this time, so we have not listed them here.


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